Friday, January 07, 2005

Bush is No FDR !

USA Today is running an article about Republican opposition to the Bush administration's Social Security reforms. There's a revealing quote from Michael Tanner at the end of the article. Here it is:

Bush "is wagering a lot," says Michael Tanner of the libertarian Cato Institute. "But success would make him the Republican equivalent of FDR: He's done war and remade the nation's domestic agenda."

There is little doubt in my mind that such overweening hubris permeates this White House.

FDR didn't inherit a booming economy and budget supluses. FDR never stoked a spirit of fear. FDR never started a "pre-emptive" war. FDR didn't nominate an heir of Torquemada to be Attorney General. The current occupant of the white house is the anti-thesis of FDR.

I didn't know FDR, but I know his record. President Bush, you're no FDR!

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