Monday, December 06, 2004

Did the Nazi's Separate Church and State?

Thanks to Bob Allen for calling my attention to Thom Hartmann's essay about Supreme Court Justice Scalia's speech at an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue in New York. Scalia blames church/state separation for the holocaust.

Scalia, like most theocrats, persists in revising history to fit his ideology. Hartmann does a masterful job of giving the highlights of the Nazi takeover of the German state church and Hitler's use of it for his political purposes. The link he provides to photos of the Nazi's with various religious leaders tells the story in images stronger than words can provide.

The truth is, one of the biggest reasons why Europe is so much more secular than America today is because the church failed so dismally in facing the Nazi menace. It's not hard to project the same result for this nation once people perceive the tragic effects of the unholy alliance between the evangelical theocrats and the neo-conservative empire builders who are forming our current foreign policy.

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