Friday, November 19, 2004

Clarence Jordan on the Draft

Clarence Jordan has some very entertaining and insightful comments to make about the military draft in an article on the Bruderhof website. Here's a hint of what he says:

How about starting the draft at sixty-five? Looky here, at that age they’re getting ready to retire and they could go at their own expense. We wouldn’t have to pay ‘em—they’re on Social Security, and old-age security, and all like that. They’re on their pensions….

And then another thing, and I noticed this, that the older a man gets, the more belligerent he gets. You listen to these guys talk in Congress. There isn’t anybody who’s more anxious to give the Communists hell than a man who’s too old to deliver it. Now anybody that’s as anxious to deliver some loads to the nether regions as our senior citizens ought not to be denied the privilege of delivering them in person. They wouldn’t even have to be drafted to do it. If given the opportunity, they’d volunteer in droves.

You'll have to read between the lines to discover the values of Christian Democrats.

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