Monday, November 15, 2004

Would God Choose Bush?

Beliefnet has posted a story asking "Did God Choose Bush?" and quoting evangelicals who believe that God intervened to secure Bush's election. Among those quoted is Richard Land who heads the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission which is best described as a Republican Political Action Committee. Here's what Land is quoted as saying:
Richard Land, a leading Southern Baptist who participates in a weekly strategy call between the White House and evangelical leaders put it this way: “Whoever won, it would have been God’s will.” But because Bush won, Land told Beliefnet, God has clearly shown America his blessings. If Kerry had won, it would have proved God was cursing the United States. “The Bible says godly leadership is a sign of God’s blessings and a lack of godly leadership is a sign of God’s judgment. I don’t see Kerry as a godly leader.”

A Kerry win would have been proof of God's curse? What greater curse can befall a people than to have a leader whose relatives and followers rig elections for them, who distorts the truth to lead his nation into war, who shifts the burden of government from the wealthy to the poor, and who lacks the humility to admit that he can make a mistake?

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